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Windows Live Messenger 2009

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Yaş : Kayıt tarihi : 13/11/08 Mesaj Sayısı : 2 Nerden :
MesajKonu: Windows Live Messenger 2009 Çarş. Kas. 19, 2008 4:16 pm

Windows Live Messenger 2009
Size: 16.7 MB

What distinguishes this version? This edition contains a new and formidable of the new additions and significant improvements, including:

– Animated Display Pictures Messenger now supports animated GIF to put it as personal.
– Link in Personal Status Message personal message that appears next to your name can link a particular location.
– Voices dedicated friend (now possible to selected votes each particular friend Wilkenk discrimination of any of your friends sent you a letter away from the computer).
– Signed join Signature sounds chose Beck hears the voice of special friends at the intervention Sign-in
SPAM Reporting-reporting of any advertising messages disturbing.
– Many other repairs to make the process of entering Signing-in Web faster, and reduce the suspended load .. This version might solve the problem of the inability to enter Signing-in facing the other.
– Access Sign-in from more than one place more than one computer (4 computers max)
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Windows Live Messenger 2009

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